I’m used to me alone
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Can you save me?

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Youngbae (cutely) trolling the fans once again x


Jongup Frozen AU | the cold never bothered me anyway
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I will not disappear;

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when namjoon was gonna give taehyung a high five but taehyung didn’t see it.

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KANGDAESUNG : ‘I really love food.’ pt.2

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Suga in bed.

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hello children.

so i decided to make a giveaway because i am gaining a lot of followers lately and because i am really nice i wanted to thank my followers so i made my first ever giveaway i didn’t know what to get so there’s nothing + didn’t have enough money.


  • since its for my followers you must be following me yaoifuck
  • it would be nice to follow my instagram too refqalani
  • likes count
  • you can reblog it as much as you want
  • i will choose the follower by this counter thing (my friend will do it for me bc idk how)
  • no giveaway blogs
  • i’ll ship everywhere
  • it will finish on 12 of december 2014

the items:

  1. green tea and bamboo face mask
  2. john green - paper towns (book really good)
  3. the faceshop’s cherry lips lip gloss 
  4. backpack
  5. wolf t-shirt
  6. mustache beanie 
  7. flower prints hat
  8. two rings 
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people who wear pants past 7 are not the kind of people i associate with

jesus christ i’m getting hate over this because people are putting the word ‘size’ in there when thats not what i was saying

7:00 P.M.


I thought you meant past age 7 and I was rly confused

"Happy birthday son. Since you’re eight now it’s time you learn about kilts.”

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GOD IS REAL. (src)
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