T.O.P's Tazza 2 kiss scene (ΘεΘ;)


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in which v scores a four dollar discount and the shop owner’s number 

"hyung, you're drunk!"
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jackson, the backup dancer
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Infinite | B&W Gifs | 95/ |

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익명 회원 said: So what's going on with bts's jimin and Europe?? I seeing a lot of people talk about but idk what happened??


In Germany

There was a set-up for the Event: V,Suga,Jin,Jungkook,Rapmon, Jimin & J-Hope. Two girls tried to “make fun” of Jimin so one of the girls kept laughing while she was High-Fiving Rapmon and then suddenly she gave Jimin a disgusting look. He was really surprised and seemed sad because of that.

When the other girl walked up to Jimin and he tried to give her a High-Five, she pulled back her hands. In the end she actually gave him a High-Five but when she walked up J-Hope, he pulled back his hands. That’s were J-Hope gets all my respect.

In Sweden at the High-Five Event a fan walked up to Jimin and told him,that he’s ugly and fat.

I’m so ashamed for for some of the fans atm. -facepalms-

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blue tongue

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excuse me